Firework Displays Require Town Permit

No Fireworks SignWe are now getting to the time of year when individuals want to light, launch and display fireworks.
Did you know under state law, fireworks are illegal to possess and use without a valid permit!

Fireworks may only be used within the Town of Greenville by individuals who have been properly issued a permit from the Town (see Town Code Chapter 150)? You cannot purchase a permit to possess or display fireworks from a vendor.  Permit application forms are available from the Town's website.
Under section Wisconsin State Statutes, certain  novelties are not considered “fireworks” and anyone can use or possess them. No permit is required.  Those objects include “sparklers” that don’t exceed 36 inches in length, smoke bombs, confetti sprayers, “novelty devices that spin or move on the ground,” and a few other objects, such as “caps” and “snaps” with minimal amounts of explosive mixture.
Citations up to $1,000 may be issued for individuals who violate the law!