Parks & Amenities

Parks & Amenities

The Greenville Parks, Recreation and Forestry Department currently maintains 12 parks and properties totaling 220 acres. The department also maintains approximately 5.2 miles of paved multi-use recreational trails. Greenville’s parks and trails provide many recreational opportunities that can be enjoyed throughout the year.  For additional park information and links, click here.

AppletreeAppletree Square 
Appletree Court next to HWY 76
Appletree Square is a 2 acre park located across Hwy 15 from Jennerjohn Park.  The recreational trail runs through the park and a tunnel runs under the highway to Jennerjohn Park. 
Amenities: Existing facilities include a park bench, informational sign, recreational trail and Crabapple Arboretum

Community ParkCommunity Park
Location: N1683 Greenville Drive, Greenville, WI 54942
Community Park is a 20 acre park located at the intersection of Hwy 15 and Hwy 76.  It is a fully developed park that is used primarily by Greenville Youth Sports to operate their youth baseball and softball programs.  
Amenities: Existing facilities include baseball/softball fields, tennis court, basketball courts, playground, restrooms, outdoor pavilion with kitchen, on and off street parking, and recreational trail access.

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Location: At the corner of Municipal Drive and Glen Valley Drive
 Formally known as Glen Valley Park, Elder Brook Park is an 8.5 acre park located on the north side of the town. Trees have been planted and the grass is cut to allow use. There is potential to expand in the future to the south with additional land acquisition.
Amenities: Existing facilities include a retention pond, walking trail, on street parking and open play space. 

Glen Valley WestGlen Valley
Location: N2248 REIS RD GREENVILLE, WI 54942 
  Formally known as Glen Valley West
Amenities: Existing facilities include a playground, open play space and on street parking

Location: W7124 Wisconsin Ave, Greenville, WI 54942
This is a 77 acre minimally developed property. Approximately 13 acres have been seeded into open play areas and are currently being used by Fox Cities United Soccer for their youth soccer program. A master plan for the property has been developed and includes five baseball/softball fields, soccer fields, Heritage Garden, tennis courts, basketball courts, walking/nature trails, pavilions, and natural areas.
The Master Plan is currently being updated.

Jennerjohn Park
Jennerjohn Park
Location: W6750 Rickey Lane, Greenville, WI 54942
Description: Jennerjohn Park is a 25 acre park in the center of the developed part of the Town.  
Amenitites: Existing facilities include a pavilion with kitchen, restrooms, grills, picnic tables, casual play baseball field, tennis courts, sledding hill, ice skating rink, off street parking, playground, Heritage Fountain and recreational trail access.

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Description: This is a 1 acre park located just west of the schools on Hwy 76.  The recreational trail runs through the park and a tunnel under Hwy 76.  This park has yet to be officially named. 
Amenities: Existing facilities include a Conifer Arboretum and informational sign.  

Lions ParkLions Park
Location: N1089 Municipal Dr, Greenville, WI 54942
Description: Lions Park is a 57 acre park located on the southern edge of the developed portion of town.  It is a partially developed community sized park that is occasionally used for large regional events. The Greenville Lions Club has funded most of the development and uses the park for their annual Catfish Races fundraising event.
Amenities: Existing facilities include one open shelter, two outdoor pavilions with kitchens, indoor pavilion with kitchen, restrooms, playground, open play areas, nature/walking trails, amphitheater (10,000 seating capacity), off street parking, and recreational trail access. 

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Memorial Square
Location: W6895 Parkview Drive, Greenville, WI 54942

Description: Memorial Square is a small park area located in front of the Fire Station that is dedicated to honoring all veterans and Fire/EMS volunteers. It is also the site for Greenville’s September 11th Memorial.
Amenities: Existing facilities include September 11th Memorial, Veterans Memorial, memorial brick walkway and formal landscaping.

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Pebbleridge Park is a 13 acre park located between the industrial park and residential development.  This park contains a small wooded area, prairie restoration and a retention pond. 
Amenities: Existing facilities include walking/nature trails, picnic areas, playground, open play space and on street parking. 

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