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Welcome to the Village of Greenville, WI. We are pleased that you have chosen the Village to call your home whether it is as a resident, business, or developer. This page provides information on zoning and development processes and regulations and is to help guide residents, businesses and developers through the regulatory approval processes.

Please contact the department at (920) 757-5151 ext. 2000 or to schedule a pre-application meeting to discuss the approval process and requirements for your project. Please familiarize yourself with the application process and requirements prior to the meeting by reviewing the following materials. Please also remember to check with all other local Village departments, county (i.e. airport zoning, drainage district, DOT etc.), state (i.e. DNR, DOT etc.) and federal (i.e. Army Corps) permitting agencies that may be applicable for your property and project.

Maps & Plans
Master Planning and Zoning Map
Additional Maps/Plans

Approval Process
Planning Commission and Village Board Approval Process
Development Approval Process Guide
Citizen Participation Requirements

Staff Level Approval Process 
Development Approval Process Guide

Codes and Ordinances
Village of Greenville Zoning Code
Zoning Code Update Project Page
Comprehensive Rezoning Project Page
Village of Greenville Subdivision Code

CSM & Subdivision Plats
Concept Plans Section 270-11
Certified Survey Map (CSM) Information Article V and  Section 270-37
Preliminary Plats Section 270-12Article VIIISection 270-35Article XArticle XI
Final Plats Section 270-13Section 270-36
Subdivision Development Approval Process Flowchart
Variances Article XIII

Rezoning/Zoning Amendments Section 320-204
Special Exceptions Section 320-205
Planned Unit Developments Section 320-206
Appeals Section 320-209
Variances Section 320-210

Site Plans
Site Plans Section 320-214
 International Dark Sky Association: Dark Sky Certification

Zoning Occupancy
Zoning Occupancy Section 320-215

Greenville is now enrolled in the National Floodplain Insurance Program (NFIP), which means property owners are able to purchase flood insurance through their insurance agencies. If you have additional questions about the program or don’t have an agent that can help, you can reach the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) at 877-336-2627 and they can connect you with a local agent if you don’t have one already. Here are a couple additional resources about the program and