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Sheds & Detached Structures


Accessory Structures
Items needed:

  • Site Plan to include:
    • Setbacks to property lines – based on parcel zoning and building size
    • Distances to other structures
    • Location of septic system – if applicable
    • Location of well – if applicable
    • Drainage easements
    • Utility easements
  • Structure detail:
    • Type of material
    • Floor plan & front elevation – blueprints or hand drawn sketch
    • Material sizes
    • Footings / foundation

Items for Consideration:

  1. Drainage easements
  2. Utility easements
  3. Shore Land Zoning
  4. Airport Zoning
  5. Wetlands
  6. Property lines
  7. Diggers Hotline (1-800-242-8511)
  8. Plan ahead for future (fences, additions, etc.)
  9. Electrical needs
  10. Heating needs – unvented gas heating systems and/or wood burning systems not allowed 

BEFORE building anything you must first check the shore land, wetland and airport zoning.

This information is found on the  "GIS & Maps" tab on the Outagamie County website
and the Outagamie County Zoning Department