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Basement Remodels


WI UDC Codes

Items needed:
2: Floor plan to include:

  • Show location of existing and proposed walls and rooms.
  • Include wall measurements, window and door sizes and locations.
  • Label all spaces/rooms i.e. Bedroom, Den, Storage etc.
  • Location of water heater/electric panel/furnac

Bedrooms in a basement require:

  • Egress window in room or two exits out of basement (If using the two exit scenario, exits must be located more than 50% of basement distance apart and have different ways to get to them. Windows used for Exiting Requirements
  • Light and Ventilation Requirements — Eight (8) % light and three and one-half (3.5) % ventilation based on floor space.
  • Smoke detector inside and outside of room. (Electrically connected with battery backup)

Bathrooms require:

  • Exhaust fan to outside.
  • 20 amp circuit specifically for bathroom receptacle and must be ground fault interruption (GFI) protected.

bid-basement1Items that must be considered:

  1. Electric panel requirements – 30” wide by 36” deep open space.
  2. Outlet locations and size of wire.
  3. Gas shutoffs.
  4. Closet lighting.
  5. Insulation type.
  6. Ceiling – drywall or suspended.
  7. Hallway width minimum 36”.
  8.  Wall coverings.
  9. Water shutoffs.
  10. Heat and cold air runs.
  11. Proper makeup air for furnace and water heater.
  12. Basement Heaters – unvented gas space heaters illegal for use in the State of Wisconsin.
  13. 3 Foot Landing at bottom of stairway if door at bottom. 

BEFORE building anything you must first check the shoreland, wetland and airport zoning.

This information is found on the "GIS & Maps" tab on the Outagamie County website
and the Outagamie County Zoning Department