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School Road (WIS 76 - East Termini)

School Road (WIS 76 East Termini)

Anticipated Timeline: Construction 2023
Project Description: School Road (STH 76 – Technical Dr) is proposed to be urbanized to accommodate bicyclists and pedestrians.  The existing typical section for School Road is two 11 foot travel lanes with one-two foot gravel shoulders.  A preliminary proposed typical section for School Road would include widened 12 foot travel lanes with 5 foot bike lanes, curb & gutter, and 5 foot sidewalks on each side of the road.  This project will also include replacing sections of water main, water service lateral replacement, storm sewer installation, and Stormwater management facilities.  School Road (Technical Dr – East Termini) is proposed to be rehabilitated with a pulverize and pave project.  The proposed typical section for the roadway includes an 11-foot travel lane with a 2-foot wide gravel shoulder.

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