Please be aware that due to construction the Greenville Village Hall will be closed to in-person business beginning July 1, 2024.

Everglade Watershed

 Everglade Road Ditch Dredging Project

The Village of Greenville is gearing up to start the Everglade Road Dredging Project. This project starts just West of Greenwood Rd and extends to the intersection of STH 76 near the Post Office. By dredging the ditch alongside the roadway, it will clean out the sediment that has built up and will help to hold water during high rain events and in spring during the winter thaw. During this dredging, the road will be closed. Please watch this webpage and the Village of Greenville Facebook page for start dates!

UPDATE! The Everglade Road Dredging Project will begin on Tuesday December 15th, weather permitting. Everglade road will be closed weekdays from 7:00am to 4:00pm, from Hwy 76 to Greenwood Rd, until the project is completed.

Project Update and Road Closure Notice

Everglade Dredging Project Map

Everglade Swamp Neighborhood Visioning Workshop

Over the past few years, a group of Village of Greenville residents have expressed concerns of
the overall health and water levels of the Everglade Swamp. They have expressed concerns
that plans for development in the areas north of the Everglade Swamp will increase roads and
impervious surfaces that will increase storm water runoff to the swamp that is already
overwhelmed. In response, the Village of Greenville and East Central Wisconsin Regional
Planning Commission facilitated an Everglade Swamp Neighborhood Plan Visioning Session to
collect resident concerns, development preferences (north of the Everglade Swamp), and
community character and/or identity preferences.

The summary below details the ideas and concerns from this workshop.

Everglade Swamp Neighborhood Visioning Workshop Summary


Update May 13, 2014

Everglade Swamp Neighborhood Visioning Workshop Brochure