Town Engineering Services - Request for Statement of Qualifications

Town Engineering Services - Request for Statement of Qualifications
The Town is seeking a qualified firm to provide a variety of  engineering services for a multi-year period.

Download the full Request for Statement of Qualifications (SOQ).

The Town of Greenville is located in northeast Wisconsin. There are three main highways running through the town - State Highways 15, 76 and 96. Greenville contains both rural lands, farming and more urbanized subdivisions - some of which are served by Town sewer and water. The Appleton International Airport is located within our boundaries.  The Town operates under a five member Town Board/Town Administrator form of government. 

 The Town of Greenville is a full service municipality.  Public works related services are offered by the Town include road maintenance and repair, snow and ice control, stormwater management, water and sewer services. The Town has utilized multiple engineering firms to perform a variety of services over the years.  The Town desires to consolidate the services into one contract for improved efficiency and effectiveness.

Please forward your Statement of Qualifications to the following address to be received no later than January 12, 2018 by 11:00 a.m.  All correspondence related to the SOQ should be directed to the Town Administrator.  Please submit one (1) hard copy and one (1) digital copy via flash drive or CD-Rom.

The Town of Greenville reserves the right to reject any or all SOQ’s, waive technicalities or irregularities, and to accept any SOQ if such action is believed to be in the best interest of the Town.  SOQ’s must be valid for at least 90 days.  The Town will not be liable for, nor pay any cost incurred by responding firms relating to the preparation of SOQ’s or making of presentations.