Stormwater Department

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NR 151 Runoff Management

This chapter establishes runoff pollution performance standards for non−agricultural facilities and transportation facilities and performance standards and prohibitions for agricultural facilities and practices designed to achieve water quality standards as required by s. 281.16 (2) and (3), Stats. This chapter also specifies a process for the development and dissemination of department technical standards to implement the non−agricultural performance standards as required by s. 281.16 (2) (b), Stats. If these performance standards and prohibitions do not achieve water quality standards, this chapter specifies how the department may develop targeted performance standards in conformance with s. NR 151.004.

NR 216 Stormwater Discharge Permits

The purpose of this chapter is to establish criteria defining those storm water discharges needing storm water permits as required and to implement the appropriate performance standards of subchs. III and IV of ch. NR 151. The goal of this chapter is to minimize the discharge of pollutants carried by storm water runoff from certain industrial facilities, construction sites and municipal separate storm sewer systems as identified in this chapter.