Public Works Department

Traffic Calming

Image of a construction worker holding a 'Slow' signThe Town of Greenville receives numerous requests each year to reduce vehicle speed and/or non-local traffic in neighborhoods. The Town is committed to improving neighborhood safety and has implemented a Neighborhood Traffic Calming program. The program is a two year phase approach program. The 1st year (phase1) deals with changing driver behaviors through education, enforcement and engineering (signs and markings). The 2nd year (phase 2) deals with physical devices.

Phase 1 (1st Year Process)

Step 1
Neighborhood residents submit a Citizen Action Request form describing the traffic concerns.

Step 2 Dept. of Public Works collects data and conducts a field review (8 week duration).

Step 3 Dept. of Public Works sends out a letter with our findings and recommendations.

Step 4 With the support of neighborhood residents, Dept. of Public Works follows through with the recommendations.

Step 5 One year later, the improvements are evaluated.

Step 6 Additional improvements are added, if needed.

Step 7 If there have not been any improvements to the initial concern, the request moves to the second phase of the program. The use of physical treatments is considered, if guidelines are met.

Phase 2 (2nd Year Process)

If the first year improvements are not effective, the neighborhood proceeds to Phase 2 where physical treatments are considered.

To implement the Traffic Calming Program in your neighborhood, please complete the Citizen Action Request Form attached, and submit it to the address at the bottom of the form.

For more information regarding the Traffic Calming Program in the Town of Greenville, see the information on this page or please feel free to call the Public Works Department at (920) 757-7276.