Building Inspection Department

Swimming Pools


image of an above-ground poolAt present, the Town of Greenville has limited regulations regarding swimming pool installation.

No permit is required, but these requirements must be followed:

  • Setbacks are as from property lines as per accessory structure requirements for your zoning.
  • Cannot be installed in any utility or drainage easements.
  • Must not be installed over or under any power lines.
  • Must not be installed over any gas lines.

Items that must be considered:

  1. Call your insurance company
  2. Shoreland Zoning
  3. Wetlands
  4. Vision corners
  5. Property lines
  6. Diggers Hotline (1-800-242-8511)
  7. Plan ahead for future (decks, fences, additions, sheds, etc.)
  8. Consideration for your neighbor



BEFORE building anything you must first check the shoreland, wetland and airport zoning.

This can be done on the Outagamie County website

Outagamie County Zoning Department