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It is the mission of the Greenville Parks, Recreation and Forestry Department to improve the quality of life for all of Greenville’s residents and visitors by providing and promoting well-maintained parks, recreational facilities, open space and urban forest.

The Town of Greenville contains 211 acres of parkland and open space which is divided into 10 parks and properties. There are also currently approximately 3 miles of multi-use recreational trails within the Town. Greenville’s urban forest consists of more than 2,500 trees which includes street trees, park trees and trees on other Town owned properties.

Tree City LogoThe Greenville Parks, Recreation and Forestry Department is responsible for the development and maintenance of the Town’s parks, trails, open spaces and urban forest. It is our goal to provide safe and aesthetic facilities to serve all of Greenville’s residents. We have also begun to provide limited recreational programs and special events and hope to expand this service as we move into the future. Greenville has an award-winning urban forestry program that is responsible for planting and maintaining safe and healthy trees on all public properties as well as promoting the benefits of the urban forest to the community. The department is also responsible for the landscape maintenance of all other Town owned properties including Town Hall, water towers and two cemeteries.

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The Town of Greenville has put together a committee tasked with reviewing and updating the master plan for the Greenville Sports Complex. As part of this process we are conducting a survey to help us gauge the communities needs and desires for this park property.