Parks, Recreation and Forestry

The Greenville Parks, Recreation and Forestry Department is an integral and beneficial part of the community. The parks, facilities and services provided by the department are funded primarily through tax dollars. Because the department must stay within the limits of its budget, there are projects and programs that may stay on the “back burner” without assistance from other sources.

Through the generous donations and sponsorships by individuals and businesses many of these back burner projects are able to become a reality. Donations may be made for specific projects or for general use. The department also has several programs listed below that help to improve and beautify the parks and facilities. If interested in making a donation, becoming a sponsor or for more information please call 757-7276.

Donations can be made to the "Town of Greenville" and mailed to: 
Greenville Parks, Rec. and Forestry Dept.
PO Box 60
Greenville, WI 54942