Items Needed:

  • Fence Permit Application
  • Plot plan to include
    • Fence location
    • Fence Height
    • Buildings
    • All other items such as swimming pools, septic tank, well, electrical or telephone pedestals, etc.
  • Fence design detail (drawing or picture) – finished side or decorative side must face adjoining property
  • $75 fee required

Items that must be considered:

  1. Drainage easements
  2. Shoreland Zoning
  3. Wetlands
  4. Utility easements — fences may be constructed inside utility easement but only at property owners own risk. Utility companies that do work in the easement are not responsible for fence damage or replacement.
  5. Vision corners
  6. Property lines
  7. Buffers such as green space at railroad tracks
  8. ATC easements
  9. Access to utility boxes
  10. Diggers Hotline (1-800-242-8511)
  11. Maintenance

Fence Installation Guidelines

Fence Plan for Square Mid-street Lot

Fence Plan for corner/cul-de-sac lot

BEFORE building anything you must first check the shoreland, wetland and airport zoning.

This information is found on the "GIS & Maps" tab on the Outagamie County website www.outagamie.org
and the Outagamie County Zoning Department www.outagamie.org/government