The Town of Greenville has a new Assessor for 2018.  Accurate Appraisal, LLC of Menasha, WI ( will be the Town’s new Assessor, replacing long-time Assessor Keystone Appraisal.  In addition to the changes in Assessor, the Town must perform a full market valuation of the Town in accordance to Wisconsin State Statutes.  The last complete market valuation was performed in 2006.  The Town’s assessment ration for 2017 was 85.98%.  This ratio is out of compliance with State Statutes, thus requiring a full market valuation to be performed.  Market conditions have substantially changed since the great recession and property values are reflecting the changing economic conditions.

The Assessor’s office is responsible for the valuation, using the assessment process, of all real and personal property located within the Town of Greenville for property tax purposes.  The assessment process consists of the three basic procedures of discovery, listing, and valuation.  Often the assessment process is thought of only in terms of valuation, but an assessment cannot even begin until it is known that certain assessable property exists (discovery) and that property data is collected and recorded (listing).  Therefore, discovery and listing forms the foundation upon which all assessed values must rest.

It is the Assessor’s responsibility to ensure fair and equitable assessments throughout the Town.  However, the Assessor does not set the tax rate nor raise or collect taxes to cover municipal budgets.

The Wisconsin Department of Revenue provides an excellent Guide for Property Owners that covers the property assessment function.  This guide can be found online at:

A revaluation of property assessments in the Town of Greenville shall occur for the 2018-2020 assessment years. The approximate dates of the revaluation notices being sent to property owners is expected to be in July-August for 2019-2020. Please also notice that the Assessor has certain statutory authority to enter land as described in Sections 943.13 and 943.15, Wisconsin Statutes.

The ability to enter land is subject to several qualifications a limitations, as described within the foregoing statutes. Copies of the applicable statutes can be obtained at public depositories throughout the State of Wisconsin, and from the State of Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau website ( or a copy may be obtained from the municipal clerk upon payment of applicable copying charges.

Understanding Property Taxes and Assessments

The following documents provided from the Wisconsin Department of Revenue (WDOR) offers answers to many property owners questions regarding property taxes and assessments in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin DOR: Guide for Property Owners

Wisconsin DOR: Agricultural Assessment Guide for WI Property Owners

Property Assessment Appeal Guide for WI Real Property Owners

Real Property Assessment Objection Form