The Town of Greenville’s population of 11,652 (Jan. 1, 2017 est.) is expected to grow by 4,738 persons, to 16,390, by 2040 - an increase of about 41%!   Where are these people going to live?  How many more cars will be on the road?  What new businesses will pop up as a result?  What does this mean in terms of overall land use change, provision of services, and demands for housing, parks, trails and other amenities? 

To help answer and address these questions, the Town of Greenville has hired the East Central Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission ( to update  its 20-year Comprehensive Plan, last prepared in 2009.  In its final form, this document will help our community plan for future growth and development out to the year 2040.  This project is expected to be completed by May of 2019.  As part of the process, we will examine issues and opportunities; housing; transportation; utilities and community facilities; agricultural, natural and cultural resources; economic development; intergovernmental cooperation; land use and implementation.  A final, updated “Future Land Use Map” will be developed and ultimately used as a guide the Town’s Plan Commission when addressing matters ranging from re-zonings to subdivisions to infrastructure needs.  Additionally, a separate yet integrated Bicycle & Pedestrian Plan will be prepared.

This project is heavily reliant on input and ideas from the citizenry of the Town of Greenville.  Materials developed during the Plan update, and other sources of information, will be posted here for public review, consideration and comment when available.  Check back often to review new materials.   If you have any  thoughts or ideas about the future of the Town and what this Plan Update should address, please share them with Michael J.D. Brown, Community & Economic Development Director at

Comprehensive Plan Draft
Comprehensive Plan Draft June 2019
Comprehensive Plan Draft May 2019

General Information about Comprehensive
Wisconsin Department of Administration -

Project Materials
Public Participation Plan
Strategic Foresight Workshop Flyer

Plan Commission Meetin
g Materials
05/01/2018 - Agenda/Packet & Minutes
08/27/2018 - Agenda/Packet & Minutes
10/22/2018 - Agenda/Packet & Minutes
12/17/2018 - Agenda/Packet & Minutes
01/21/2019 - Agenda/Packet & Minutes
01/21/2019 - Strategic Foresight Workshop
02/25/2019 - Agenda/Packet & Minutes
05/20/2019 - Agenda/Packet & Minutes
06/24/2019 - Agenda/Packet & Minutes
07/22/2019 - Agenda/Packet & Minutes

Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan Committee

Bicylce and Pedestrian Survey
Survey Results Summary
HASD Parent Survey Summary
HASD Student Survey Summary
08/15/2018 - Agenda & Minutes
11/14/2018 - Agenda & Minutes 
12/19/2018 - Agenda & Minutes
01/16/2019 - Agenda & Minutes
04/17/2019 - Agenda & Minutes
05/15/2019 - Agenda & Minutes

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