Road & Highway Safety Updates

Update on Road & Highway Safety Improvements - June 18, 2018
Highway 76

The Town of Greenville's Spring 2018 Newsletter featured an article calling citizens to action regarding concerns for addressing highway corridor intersections issues.

Citizens, Town of Greenville and Outagamie County officials have been reaching out to State officials to find solutions to the challenges facing our community.  Chairperson Anderson and Outagamie County Supervisor Kevin Sturn drafted the followingletter to the Wisconsin Town's Association.

Additionally, State Assembly Representative David Murphy and County Representative Kevin Sturn met with Town Chairperson Jack Anderson and Town Administrator Joel Gregozeski on June 14, 2018 to discuss the following concerns and potential solutions:

Reduce Speed Limit on STH 76 - From STH 15 south to STH 96 from 55 MPH to 45 MPH. 

Develop and install pedestrian crossing improvements over/under state highways:

  1. STH 76 & Parkview Drive - The Town will pursue permission from the State DOT to install a Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB) Crosswalk System to allow a safer crossing for users of our recreational trail system.
  2. STH 15 & Hyacinth Lane - Due to the volume of traffic on STH 15, alternative options (tunnel or pedestrian bridge) need to be reviewed for plausibility.  These alternatives will be costly requiring the support of our state officials.

STH 76 Urbanization Project, STH 15 north to CTH JJ.  Due to continued residential growth and the almost certainty of constructing an additional school in the area, the Town is imploring the State revisit this project.

Intersection of STH 76 & School Road has become a routine stop for our emergency first responders and  fire department personnel.  The significant residential growth in this area warrants an immediate change to the intersection via roundabout or traffic signal.

STH 15 Expansion (Hortonville Bypass) Project - Greenville, along with its neighboring communities are looking for those representing us at the state level to ensure proper attention is granted on this heavily utilized commuter corridor.  This is a large project that keeps losing funding to other projects in the state.  When will we see our tax dollars stay home to work on projects in our own backyard?

A request to meet with State Senator Roger Roth was sent on June 15, 2018 to discuss these concerns as well. 

Stay informed by following this blog. The Town will continually update this post as additional information becomes available.