Town of Greenville

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Town of Greenville

W6860 Parkview Drive
P.O. Box 60
Greenville, WI 54942
Ph: 920-757-5151
Fx: 920-757-0543

Garbage Pick-Up Comments/Issues

Harter's Fox Valley Disposal 1-888-804-8556

Recycling Pick-Up Comments/Issues

Inland Service Corporation-Recycling
2250 Crooks Ave
Kaukauna WI  54130


[email protected]

Outagamie County Sheriff Non-Emergency


Town Assessor - Keystone Appraisal Group, Inc.


After Hours Emergency numbers:

Dept Employee
DIAL (920) 757-7276 this will connect the call to the Public Works Dept main Menu
    PRESS 5 for all calls regarding Public Works, Parks or Town Hall emergencies
(roads, signs, park and park rental issues, Town Hall rental problems etc)
    PRESS 6 for all calls regarding Water and Sewer emergencies (water breaks, sewer
back-ups etc)
By pressing these numbers, it will connect you to the cell phone of the person on call for that Dept.
If the call is not an emergency and can be handled the next business day,
    PRESS 1 to be directed to the Public Works Dept General mailbox and your call will be returned ASAP.

Town Constable
      Call with any animal related issues within the Town of Greenville
      Vicki Prey - 810-2679

Town Chairman
      Jack Anderson - [email protected] 920-850-5282

Town of Greenville Town Board

Town of Greenville Town Hall

    (920)757-5151 - Ext 0 for Receptionist

Dept Employee Title Contact
Administration Joel Gregozeski
Town Administrator 757-5151 ext 205
[email protected]
Community Development
Dave Tebo
Community and Economic Development Director 757-5151 ext 212

Wendy Helgeson

Town Clerk 757-5151 ext 3
[email protected]
Administration Lisa Beyer Town Treasurer 757-5151 ext 1
[email protected]
Administration Kelly Mischler Deputy Clerk/Treasurer 757-5151 ext 206
[email protected]
Water & Sewer Department Katrina Bohman
Utility Clerk/Billing and connections 757-5151
[email protected]
Water & Sewer Department Dan Klansky Water and Sewer Superintendent


Building Inspection Dale Waala Building Inspector 757-5151, ext 2 or 841-3723
[email protected]
Building Inspection Rene Frey Assistant Building Inspection 757-5151 ext 5
[email protected]
Receptionist/Deputy Clerk Laurie Hughes   757-5151 ext 0
[email protected]

Town of Greenville Municipal Building

      [email protected]
      [email protected]
      [email protected]

Dept Employee Title Contact
Public Works Department Dean Schiller Public Works Supervisor 757-7276 ext 101 or 585-4316
[email protected]
Parks, Recreation and Forestry Tony Nowak Director of Parks and Forestry 757-7276 ext 102
[email protected]
GIS Department Jennifer Tovar GIS Coordinator 757-7276 ext 103
[email protected]
GIS/Erosion Control
GIS Specialist
Erosion Control Inspector
757-7276 ext 107
[email protected]
Stormwater Chris Pagels Stormwater Utility Superintendent 757-7276 ext 106 or 841-2244
[email protected]
Public Works Department Ericka Maertz Administrative Assistant 757-7276 ext 100
[email protected]

Town of Greenville Fire Department


Dept Employee Title Contact
Fire Department Eric Kitowski Fire Prevention Officer
Deputy Chief
757-7262 or 608-358-1942
[email protected]
Fire Department Joshua Lambie Fire Prevention Officer
757-7262 or 920-850-8350
[email protected]